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Our firm is often called upon by Law Firms to provide the facts in Domestic (Child Custody, Infidelity) matters. We are THE experts in this field. 


A GAL is appointed to represent the child. A GAL is not formally trained as an investigator. If you need more are here to help.   I realize that not all litigation requires the services of an investigator. Many are handled through the Collaborative Law process or deposition, discovery, and litigation/negotiation. When that is not sufficient, an attorney needs to be aware of other resources available to him or her. Litigation Intelligence Services, LLC.


Litigation Intelligence Services, LLC delivers practical, results-oriented intelligence in support of your litigation needs.  I assure you that in every case your needs and expectations, to the extent that we can influence them, will meet or exceed your expectations and professional standards.


CHILD CUSTODY: The Supreme Court in Mathews V Mathews recognized our investigation in a custody case when we proved a single mom was leaving her two young children alone, almost every night, visiting a boy friend. We located the boyfriend and obtained video evidence.


“The evidence offered regarding the plaintiff's failure to properly supervise and attend to the children was overwhelming. Several witnesses, including two neighbors and a babysitter, testified to specific incidents of neglect and the emotional effect the neglect had on the children. In addition, a private investigator testified that when he observed the plaintiff on ten different evenings, the plaintiff left the children alone overnight on six occasions while she visited a male friend. There was evidence that the plaintiff failed to provide her children with adequate medical care and clothing, and failed to pay proper attention to the children's hygiene. There was also testimony that the plaintiff sent the children to school improperly clothed. Furthermore, the investigator's report indicated that following the first day of the hearing, the plaintiff continued her pattern of leaving the children alone overnight. “


“……...there was overwhelming evidence of a strong possibility of harm to the children if the plaintiff retained physical custody. “


These are sensitive and very important matters:  infidelity, missing money, child welfare.


My wife and I  have been married for almost 40 years, and we have two grown, adopted, children and now a granddaughter living with us. Family is important.


The family unit is like a mobile hanging above a baby’s crib, or a set of wind chimes on the porch. When one of the attached objects (family members) is out of sync, or moving unexpectedly, it causes all the others to move and be a destabilizing influence.


Not every case requires an investigation. I always suggest counseling and/or legal advice prior to using the services of an investigator. Call us for a FREE consultation. We do not ask you to have a “credit card ready” to discuss the case with us.


There is a never a fee involved in discussing a case with us. For more information, please contact John Healy at 603-746-4994 or jhealy@mcttelecom.com




Investigative fees will vary depending upon the amount of information available, time frame and complexity of the investigation or surveillance.



You may pay by Pay Pal listed below or directly to the office by check, money order or Western Union.



All services require a signed fee agreement and a retainer. A copy of the fee agreement can be sent to you by e-mail.







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